Dear Soylent Pioneers,

Like optimizing your life? So do I.

I was unhappy with the Takeya pitcher Rosa Labs included in the starter kits. It didn't fit in my fridge, I disliked breaking it down into its five components every night to clean it, and worst of all, it leaks when over-tightened.

So like Rob, I started doing research. I discovered that the 1L Nalgene bottles we all know and love are also manufactured in larger sizes for laboratory use. These are made of almost the same PPCO plastic as the consumer grade bottles, though not trasparent. They are designed for use in autoclaves (medical-grade sterilizers) and are dishwasher safe. They fit easily in most fridge doors, and on the shelf, upright. They never leak, even with vigorous shaking.

These make the perfect daily Soylent mixing bottle, but Rosa Labs doesn't seem to know that.

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Takeya Nalgene
Volume2 Liters2 Liters
Number of pieces52
Kinds of plastic42
Easy to disassembleNoYes
Mouth diameter8.5 cm9 cm
Your hands hands will fitNoYes
Minium fridge shelf height30 cm24 cm
Dishwasher safe"Top rack only"Yes
Fits on dishwasher top rackNoMost dishwashers
Leaks when tightYesNo
Horizontal storageNoYes
Useless handles20
Same material asA 2 liter soda bottleA Nalgene bottle
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